Ceramic Coatings for every surface.

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    Lock in the FRESH WET polished look for years that car owners, enthusiast and detailers around the world desire with a  ceramic coating from us! We see it like this, when you own a vehicle you pay attention to specifically two things; , the appearance and the mechanical function. A ceramic coating will protect and maximize the appearance of your vehicle locking in perfection for years to come. 

 With that said, we offer Ceramic Coating applications which we guarantee for the length of the coating you choose! Below list's the features a long term coating offers. 

Features :

Scratch Resistance

Extreme Deep Gloss that SCREAMS

Easy maintenance with "self cleaning" properties 

Resistance to wash induced marring, bird dropping damage, stains, high or low temperatures, traffic film, and much more!

Repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt, sand , road grime and more contaminants (sheets water)                      

Long lasting years of protection 

 We have coatings for all budgets, needs and wants, whether your looking for a 1 year solution or 5 years, we offer a complete range of coatings.

 Our applications are not limited to only the paint, we carry different coatings for different purposes. We coat it all :

- Windows

- Wheels

- Paint

- Leather

- Cloth

- Exterior Plastics

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                 Coating Warranty for Length of Coating          

                 Check out demonstration videos below! 

CQuartz Official Video

Watch Water Bead & Sheet Right Off ( Watch in HD)

Coated Fabrics Replling Spills & Dirt!

Watch Water Bead & Sheet Right Off ( Watch in HD)

Dirt Repelling Off The Paint With Ease!